The Other Art Show

16th July 2015
Lincoln / London
By Becki Ashton

SNAP! I had enough of being a boring fart, fart piece of lard and resorting to mediocre TV shows and the same old food resting on my lap as I gorge myself with it all tired eyed. I accepted it. I recently accepted an invitation to a private viewing, that’s right private, of an art show called “The Other Art Show”. It was an art show, A show for art. Arts how art. I had been looking forward to it for weeks. My life resorted to lack of fun. Lack of passion, love, caring, kindness. Recently I have been wanted to rekindle my love for art and start becoming a proper artist again. I was failing, like usual. I enjoy doing it so much. So much. So much. I think with more¬†practice. More practise and care. I think I could be good. I think I could be pretty good.