11th August 2015
By Becki Ashton

Uni. 3 years. Uni. Graduate. Throw the hats in the air. London. Placement. Advertising. Blue Hive. Buzz. Extended. Freelance. Microsoft. Unemployed. Job centre. ‘Envlops’. Idiots. Sales. Quit. Bastards. Internship. PR. Furniture. 3 months. Completed. Jobless. New job. Property. Marketing. Evil boss. New best friend. Hate. Quit. Better job. Or so I thought. It wasn’t. Stuck up. Posh. Twats. Grrr. Fashion. Short term. Lame. Ended. Unemployed. Unemployed. Shit. Alone. Found one. Accepted. Education. Events. Marketing. PR. Team. Busy. Love it. Flare. Flare. Awesome. Maternity. Ending. Panic. Council. Contract. Boring. Goverment. Boring. Yawn! Head hunted. Smile. Going for it. Game changer. Nervous. Interview. Crazy. Opps. Offered on the spot. Thrilled. Excited. Over the god damn moon. Moon. Crazy. Wolf. Dream job. Nailed it. Happy. So happy. Beyond happy. Over the top happy. Happy. Just Happy. Happy


7th August 2015
By Becki Ashton

There is more here,

than what you see.

More to my words,

more to my actions.

The letters I choose

are there for a reason

perfectly selected

crafted, shaped.

I search for them

I dive deep until

I find what has

always been there.

They cling to my

tongue and whisper

in your ear

but only at night.

I never knew

the real meaning

until I knew

there was more

My Last Words

6th August 2015
By Becki Ashton
My last words
didn’t exist on a page
nor did they speak
from my mouth
they were a beat
a flutter in the sky
a glimpse of a time
that no longer walks
they just knew it
it all happened
too soon to prepare
but they knew them
My last goodbye
didn’t happen on
holy ground, in a church
or by a road side
A smile that stretched
across my face
wasn’t false or real
it was just me
An essence that only
appears in the deep
in the thick
of the red and the love
My last words
weren’t wasted
they were free
for all, for you