Look Up

13th August 2015
By Becki Ashton

Don’t let your eyes turn square

from the endless blink-less text

that prays on your weak mind

and fills your thoughts full of doubt

Don’t let the sadness and social mind fuck

take the beautiful that is around you

that cranial descention of head tilt

and the chit-ta chat-ta of fingers on screens

Take your thumb off the on button

and look up into mother earth’s design

breathe in the air and stare at the birds

that fly high above your head and house

Let the world see you, so you can see it back

don’t let news, politics and debate pull you in

down into a pit of depression and anxiety

take your hands off and just look up



20th March 2015
By Becki Ashton

Spring is here, here, right here. Bird, bugs, nature and all that life. Living, breathing, living and breathing and moving. Moving, hunting and living. They live for life now. Flowers pop, birds fly, grass blades, sea swirls. It lives. It all lives. Lives live for life in the spring. Spring makes me sing, sing singing, sing it, singing ping it, sing to sing wing it, sing it, sing, sing, sing. Spring has begun, beginning, life is beginning, the start, not the end, begin it, begin life, spring is the beginning of life. Life is here.