About Becki


My name is Becki Ashton.

Since I was little I have also dived into a range of different worlds. From drawing and painting to making my own books from sewn together A4 sheets of paper. I enjoyed art and then became interested in Drama. I wrote plays for Performance Studies A-Level and I loved every moment of it. It lead me to produce, direct and edit my own music videos and mini films with my friends.

I went onto University and studied Creative Advertising. There, I became an Art Director. I worked in London for a couple of years in ad agency’s working on large campaigns for Ford and Microsoft. I then moved back to Lincoln and became involved in Marketing, PR and event planning which is okay. I discovered my love for words and realised I have always enjoyed writing and creating stories. So I decided to do a MA in Creative Writing.

This blog is where I share express my ideas and concepts on a range of different mediums – including Poetry, Stories, Scripts, Prose and Short Stories. I would appreciate your feedback and suggestions as I will not be able to improve as a writer if I am not critiqued. Please feel free to comment on any of my posts and ask questions including: the good, the bad and even the ugly!

Most of these pieces will be drafts of ideas and thoughts – then I will re-work on them and re post them as separate items. I hope improve and develop as a write through each piece.

This is where I am now….

Please feel free to comment on my work / page in the contact form below:

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